Reflections of an Inmate – By Jennifer Tucker (aka Scarlet Felon)



Look around what do you see?

Catch a glimpse of modern slavery.

Lying systems, in a rigged economy –

Justice is given to the anomaly.


Take a look closer what do you feel?

The plight of a human or a dollar bill?

No justice for people the systems kill

Orphans created at political will.


Do you run – into neighborhoods that fail?

And ask yourself – what must prevail?

Our justice leaves a broken trail

As innocence is beaten and placed in jail.


Do you run from addicted diseases in fear?

As you cling to possessions – look in the mirror.

I hope you see the image clear

Things are not always as they appear.


Go forward and find the sacred land

That place reserved for you to stand

If you’re afraid, take my hand

There’s nothing together we cannot withstand.


I’m scared – and I need you too

Hold me up and I’ll hold you

Together – think of all we may do.

As long as we have a heart that’s true.


A helping hand, a shattered gavel

Splinters removed in the lives we travel

It’s no small thing as we unravel.

All the pain within the ones we shackle.


You and I, we are the same

We were just dealt a different game.

Each given our moment in unwanted fame.

Diverse lessons deeply en-trained.


Could you fold on the cards of hate?

On life and love must we debate,

Or is being a judge – your only trait?

As you search for souls to humiliate.


In your reflection – I pray you’ll see

The spirit connection between you and me.


In the glass, I hope you’ll find

We are all reflections of one great mind.


The God, Spirit, or whatever word you use

We’re in this together and given a muse


A way to speak, a destiny to fulfill

Seeped inside our human will.


A pivotal moment after the recompense

The moment one steps beyond the fence


Life or death what will it hold

As we walk away, will we break the mold?



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